Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Social Media 30 Day Experiment - Day 1

Evaluation of Social Media begins


To begin with I will evaluate Social Media applications and tools, as they apply to the 'ordinary person' - defined as someone who is not promoting or marketing a business in any way, that does not blog, and is any age. There may be a difference to how Social Media is accepted or not accepted by different age groups. 

Second - I will review from a business point of view as pertains to blogging, small business and how other businesses may or may not use Social Media. This may be more difficult for me, but I will utilize the many businesses that are using Social Media, and many Social Media gurus providing insight, and give my own spin on the facts. 
I discuss Facebook, Twitter, blogging and YouTube to begin with tomorrow
- from my personal experiences.

How am I qualified? 
Well, other than the fact that I am very curious and have had many people within my own family and social network question me - not much to begin with. I hope to delve into this topic and be able to provide an overview of what it all means, and if it is true that we should all jump on the Social Media wagon. Or are we being hoodwinked to follow? Can we opt out?
I do have extensive background within the IT and Internet world, through work experiences over the past 15 - 20 years. Therefore, I know my way around to find information and how to use the software applications being used for performing Social Media.

Social Media Applications
There are about 297 social media applications - most can be broken down into a few categories.
The main common thread to define social media applications, is those that allow for social interaction, through web bases publishing.

Not just Facebook &Twitter
You may be surprised by this list, as most people when they hear the term "Social Media" - think about  Facebook and Twitter, and feel that business has no right within their family and friends sharing photos. You may more surprised to find that you use many of these others, possibly without realizing. You are providing your feedback, or contributing to causes - interaction = social and online.

I will take a look at how the 'average person', is using the internet - within my far reaching social real life network of people, and also review other feedback being reported.  I think most people will be surprised that they are already using Social Media - even if they refuse to Like companies Fan pages, and do not use Twitter.

From Wikipedia




Reviews and opinions


Brand monitoring

One way to start looking at this for the 'average person'  - ask a simple question:
If you had to go without internet or cell phone access for 1 year, or possibly even 1 week, how would you be affected? Would it just be for personal interaction and fact finding - or is there more you would miss?

Are we a connected society?
How do we use this connectivity as a consumer and business to improve our interactions?

Take a look at this post regarding an interaction with Sears


-- Interesting interactions.





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