Wednesday, October 27, 2010

All Hold Hands and Sing Kumbaya Customer Service

Group Hug
Poor Customer Service - or what the customer perceives as unsatisfactory,  often creates an irate customer. With access to online ranting across Twitter, Social Smack, Facebook, Reddit, Groubal, etc etc  - a disgruntled customer's dissatisfaction can easily go viral.  Some even write songs about on YouTube. I am not that talented. I can only grit my teeth and tremble.

United Breaks Guitars song

I put some thought into how I had handled my recent situation, with my cell phone provider and change in policy now disallowing a hardware upgrade. Could it be that I, Goddess of Customer Service and Engagement, in theland of happiness - was a BAD CUSTOMER?
How could this be?

I received a Tweet from @RHBDaveHowlett - Real Human Being:
 #expedia take note RT @darleenw: “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.! Bill Gates
RHB - Real Human Being at RHBNation,  philosophy is a language of likeability that allows us to break through self-imposed barriers and achieve personal and business success. Dave teaches how to get into "third-gear" rather than "first-gear or second-gear" with our attitudes and actions.
Be the Amazing Gal or Good Guy.

I recently attended a lecture by Dave - Breaking Down Silos - and the main take away was "I didn't do it for the wave". Do the right thing, in "third-gear" - not to get the wave but to be a better person.

hmmm ...

I had to admit that I contributed to the recent Customer Service  call going bad, and ending in frustration. I had been the IRATE CUSTOMER!

I had NOT been the Goddess-Customer and did not act in "third-gear". Whoa Nelly.

 I had a discussion with the Twitter Agent, and my recent blog post stating my displeasure of not being heard by Customer Service was amended to include accurately that in the end I had been heard. I did note that I was pleased with fact my displeasure of the policy change had been passed on to management.  I felt validated and that the Twitter Agent was using situation to learn.
The one thing missing was the follow-up call from a manager.
Note: I had been promised by the Telephone Agent that I would receive call-back within 2 - 4 hours.
It was now well past.

I thought on fact that maybe I was expecting a wave? NO! I was the waver. I had not yet been let in to be able to provide a wave. I still deserved a discussion with the manager. BUT, I decided I would wait until end of week 
- 2 more days.

Yes, she called.  It was almost 48 hours after promised call-back - BUT she did call!
Now this was my chance to get things right. I adopted my Goddess-Customer role and expressed my displeasure for the policy change, AND addressed the fact that not only was I the customer blindsided, but so was all of the Customer Service team. I then asked if there was anything she could possibly do to bypass this change, since it was changed on the eve of our contract being eligible for a hardware upgrade. She allowed! We got the upgrade along with order placed for new Blackberry to be shipped ASAP. I thanked her for her time and solution.
We held hands and sang Kumbaya. Group Hug!

To complete my acting in 'third-gear' and Goddess-Customer, I reconnected with the Twitter Agent. I informed him that I had received call-back from Manager and all was resolved satisfactorily.
I thanked him.
Kumbaya. Hug. Hug.

It is NOT ONLY the responsibility of Customer Service people to do the right thing. 
It is the responsibility of all to do the right thing - be a better person. 
Be the Goddess, Amazing Gal or Good Guy! 
Be a Good Customer.
Create Collaboratively - Amazing Customer Experience.

Oh and here is my WAVE!


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