Monday, October 4, 2010

Social Media In Real Life

Continuation of The Social Media Experiment

It has been a long while since I updated my Social Media Experiment, due to being overcome with the whole Twitter experience. Twitter is easy and it is complex, all at the same time. That is best left for another day, to explain and demonstrate fully.

My first experience with Twitter was close to others trials, and tests, and I did it wrong.
I should have had a plan maybe, or a test account to play around with.
The damage is now done.

What did I do? Is it repairable?
I randomly followed and attracted followers according to the 'flavor of the day' method. Which is to say, whatever my fancy of the moment was - the current municipal elections, food, cooking sites and tweets, dieting, health tweets, social media gurus, social media marketing, customer service, graphics, comedians, celebrities, companies such as Pepsi, Police Reports, Art Gallery, City Hall, Air Canada, and more.

Why is this wrong?
If I was not wishing to promote myself for either business or job prospecting - nothing.
However, if I want to get to the point of being a Social Media Manager, then maybe, just maybe - I should have kept within the 'niche' I hoped to focus.
And if hoping to highlight myself in order to get a job offer
- maybe I should have (again) - focused.

Can it be corrected?
Yes, basically I can continue on forward and focus on the tweets in the topic and voice that I want to represent OR I can create an entire new separate account. Many people have several Twitter IDs/ Accounts. Such as you might want one that you limit to tweets for family, or business. Our personal and business lives tend to be blurred any longer with ourselves being splashed across the Internet, and in most cases should always be presenting ourselves in appropriate manner if we have integrity, and are over the age of 25.

Twitter is public.
Even though some tweets can be Private Direct Messages.
Other Tweets are shared between your followers.
Therefore, it may not be the best forum to have a rant or drag down fight with your loved ones.

What's Next? How Can Twitter and Other Social Media be useful IN REAL LIFE

Customer Complaints - send complaint to store, or company that has not lived up to service.
So far I have not been impressed with any customer service responses on twitter or Facebook pages, with exception of Mazda & City of Kitchener. Others have been slow to respond or have not responded at all. I am continuing on with this exercise in order to gather a larger selection.

Get a Job - LinkedInTwitter, Facebook and internet searches.


LinkedIn - Upon updating my profile,  I immediately received email queries and activity within the network I created. I also spent considerable time updating my list and ensuring that I was connected to as many people as possible.  I clarified and rewrote my profile several times. Joining Groups also increased activity and queries. Then a larger spike in activity noticed when I began leaving comments within discussions on Groups and updated my Status  - news feed then updated and kept me in front of my network.

Twitter - I have changed  focus to be within Customer Service and Social Media Management, as well as connecting with others in these fields.

Facebook - I still use for a mixture of personal and business related, as well as Fan Pages. I have done some changes to privacy settings and verified that I do not have anything too wild or crazy. But for the most part, I am just me - You get what you see. Certainly, employers can find out much more details on a candidate than ever before. Again we have very little privacy, unless we never go online.

Follow Me in My Job Search
So please do follow me now, as I focus on Customer Service, Social Media Management and Customer Relationship Management. There is much to cover under these topics. Along the way I hope that using the Social Media tools, as well as standard networking methods, will provide an opportunity in the workforce - and an employment offer!

Next Post :  
I don't want a new job, I want a new career as ______ ?? 
- To Be Continued ....


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