Thursday, October 21, 2010

I don’t want a new job, but a career as Goddess-Matriarch of Customer Engagement

*Connect* Engage* Trust* Loyalty*
I am currently searching for employment. It has to do with requiring  a source of funds to maintain my quality of living - eating, heat, roof over head, electricity and other basics. Like my colleague and younger friend @KRCraft at Thoughelf's Blog, I don't want a 'job'.
I want a career as Goddess-Matriarch of Customer Engagement. 
This role fits well with @KRCraft's ‘Demi-Goddess Enterprise Solution Evangelist’ - and slightly more creative than our male counterparts role of 'God'.

Seriously, the title 'Goddess Martiarch of Customer Engagement' demonstrates my true passion for Customer Service, and the fact that I have amassed wisdom and respect within the field. This is not ego, but simply right of passage combined with achievements. I hire a team of evangelists to represent and support the culture of a customer-centric environment.

A Goddess-Matriarch is engaged with staff within the enterprise as well as the customer. Within her playground she wears multiple hats to ensure 'Customer Excellence' is delivered.

The many facets of Goddess-Matriarch of Customer Engagement:
  • Collaboration over-seer is utmost important role, as all need to be on same page and empowered.
  • Ensuring vision is expressed and has 'buy-in' of all staff to meet corporate strategic objectives.
  • Relationship Management from top to bottom internally, as well as external vendors, partners, customers and all stakeholders.
  • As the Matriarch having now advanced from full-time direct contact with the customer, she mentors staff not with an iron hand, but by engaging.
  • Superior Listening skills have been developed to enable all to be heard and to be on top of status.
  • Communication skills are continually honed and practiced to deliver clear Leadership.
  • Leads rather than manages teams and colleagues by example and sincerely caring.
  • Trusts those hired,  like Demi-Goddess Evangelists,  and other 'Uber' Professional Services team players - Application Specialists, Operations & Customer Support.
  • Continual evaluation, development and training of staff encased within a collaborative method.
  • CEO of FUN,  is dual role required to promote having fun while doing the best for customer.
  • Maintains links to 'cutting-edge' technology advances with pathways to connect with customer.
  • Keeps one step ahead of  technology advances, industry standards, and legal/government statute changes and requirements.
  • Social Media Advocate ensuring staff embrace, utilize and actively involved internally and externally, and collaborates with team regarding analytics & reporting in order to continually make improvements, reporting right metrics for several different audiences.
               ** Has hired Best-in-class staff that can work magic to mine data  **
  • Due to experience at all levels of businesses from startup to enterprise, within a variety of different industries, the Goddess-Matriarch engages easily with everyone from facilities staff, senior executive, board members and actively engages on Twitter, Facebook & Community Forums.
  • Liaison between technical and non technical internally and externally, able to cross over and interpret and communicate with all sides.
  • Clear understanding of Project Management, ITIL  and other frameworks required depending on industry and requirements.
  • Mentors and partners with staff and other internal departments to prevent silo creation, and same 'voice' across all channels that 'touch' customers.
  • Loyalty created between staff, internal and external partners as all are customers.
  • Spearheads Creative Brainstorming of providing Customer Excellence
    - providing the WOW.
  • Surprises - from home-made muffins, Wacky Wednesdays to Name this Tune customer contest.
  • Passion, Passion and more Passion for Customer Service above and beyond experiences.
It goes without saying that of course I have eyes and ears everywhere - or so it seems. Not due to micro -managing, but truly being connected.

Best recommendation level achieved: Amazing

I am not looking for a job, but a career within a company that my passion for Customer Service is embraced and encouraged. Let's get engaged!

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  1. I'm RIGHT there with you! I've been applying for positions, but had 3 rejections in a row. I'll keep an eye on your tips :) Happy to help if I do manage to get anywhere in my own hunt!

    Best wishes, Jackie